Since the advent of the digital age, the music industry has never been in a more promising position than it is right now. Now that so many musicians have the opportunity to show the world their talents while also providing for themselves and their families, the music business is more promising than it has ever been. The music business is filled to the brim with talented individuals, making competition very strong. Acquiring a following or an audience could seem to be a difficult task. An accomplished artist who has arrived at this point is B Hype TheVerbal.

B Hype TheVerbal is a tremendous performer, and the music that he creates is both incredibly soulful and very lively. It doesn’t matter what genre the song is, some rhythms in particular truly appeal to him and make him feel alive. The meaning behind B Hype TheVerbal’s name comes from the emotions that he now feels or that he has already felt, as well as the life events that he has had. He loves his followers and gets a kick out of seeing them enjoy his songs. His most recent body of work is an excellent illustration of this point. This album is about him, how he feels, and what he went through in his life. The album is named “Remember My Name”. The album is comprised of songs with a soulful sound that is appropriate for B Hype. The eight tracks were hand-picked by him to serve as an introduction to his inner self and as the finest possible representation of who he is.

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