If you are an independent musician, booking quality gigs outside of your hometown will surely give you a headache along the way. A quick Google search on how to book solid gigs reveals a common theme: you need to send out as many emails as possible and work on your cold-calling game. Furthermore, plan to spend twice the effort to expand your fanbase in a new area.

According to the founder of Get-Gigs, Damon Moreno, CEO of the Los Angeles-based Inner Light Agency artist management firm, this approach is outdated and unnecessarily complicated. Having worked in the music industry for over 20 years and seeing how booking competition among artists and slow to non-responsive venues and agents make it difficult to book gigs, he and his co-founder, Chris Potter, created Get-Gigs to solve this problem.

After digging into the platform, I can confidently say that Get-Gigs does just that. They have effectively managed to simplify the booking process for both musicians and hosts and encourage a sense of community in an easy-to-use, booking-focused social space.

One of the excellent tools that the platform offers is the show swapping feature. Show swapping is a historically effective way of securing quality gigs in different cities. Instead of cold-calling random venues and never hearing back, you can show swap with a band or musician in that city and open their gig. In exchange, you have them come open yours, or in Get-Gig’s simpler terms, “We will book you here if you book us there.”

“Damon Moreno (R) and Christopher Potter (L) at Get-Gigs HQ in California.”

Show swapping on Get-Gigs has proven to be very effective, as both parties discuss and agree on the terms, and the site will auto-generate a booking agreement, so everyone is getting equal value, and no one is drawing the short straw.

In addition to show-swapping, musicians can also request the available gigs posted by promoters, hosts, and venues and filter everything by genre, location, and date. Get-Gigs is the first no-nonsense booking tool of its kind and features a clean and intuitive user interface.

Unlike other booking sites that are often an outdated list of venues to cold call, Get-Gig’s focus is the filterable feed of currently available gigs, so musicians and hosts can take immediate booking action. Did we mention that it’s free? Yes, it’s free! You set up a quick profile, and you’re browsing available gigs. There are also many simple and helpful features, like auto-generated promo flyers and the 5star-rating system on every profile, to help encourage accountability on the platform.

Founder Damon Moreno says, “As a longtime musician and artist manager, I’m extremely passionate about simplifying the booking process for independent artists.” Too often, he observed quality musicians of all genres struggling to secure solid gigs outside of their hometowns. Therefore, he continued, “I was determined to create a booking community with a filterable, real-time list of currently available gigs and contacts.”

Get-Gig’s DIY ethos and community approach are game-changers and challenge the music industry’s long-standing status quo. Get-Gigs allows independent musicians & hosts to do away with the barriers, side-step elusive middlemen, form beneficial partnerships and achieve their gig booking goals. It’s clear to see why Get-Gigs is fast becoming a go-to resource for active musicians and hosts.

You can find more information at www.get-gigs.com

Or reach the team at support@get-gigs.com

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