TULUM, MEXICO. August 26, 2022  – Leonardo Prakash’s single, “Bring Up Water” was inspired by his sister’s journey to becoming a healer.  He was amazed at how joyful  it is to recognize your inherent gifts and follow that guidance in your life.  “Bring Up Water”is an acoustic folk song written to inspire happiness and hope. With a sound reminiscent of the greatest folk records of the 60s and 70s, Leonardo Prakash’s lyrics are lifted up by guitars, simple drum kit, and voices. It is a timeless song with a timeless message and leaves you feeling renewed and inspired.

“This song is about joy, but it is also an acknowledgement that each one of us is unique and special in our own way and in realizing that, we add something to a greater whole.” says Prakash.

Leonardo Prakash

Leonardo Prakash is a French-Mexican musician classically trained in his youth in guitar and sitar, and later in harp, flute, and jarana jarocha.  His unique musical voice has transcended his traditional foundations.  His music experimentis with the fusion of the intrinsic sounds of these instruments into classic rock and roll, flamenco, Indian raag, and the folk music of Latin America, Turkey, Japan, the Middle Eastern and East Africa.

Prakash is the proud recipient of the FONCA (Mexico’s National endowment fund for culture and the arts).  Throughout the years, Prakash has collaborated on a wide array of musical projects and has toured in Europe, the US, Canada and Mexico. His collaborations span many genres with artists such as Bogdan Djukic, Jesus Mejía, Mitote Jazz, Jorge Pardo, Historias de Radne Krishna, Mar De Leva, Ganabia, Elamir, Mirabai Ceiba, Jai-Jadeesh, and Snatam Kaur, amongst others. 

For the latest music, tour dates, and other information related to Leonardo Prakash, follow him on music and social media @leonardoprakash – SpotifyiTunesYouTubeInstagramFacebookTik Tok.

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