23 year-old New York artist Gio Genesis has shared a potent new single called “Wasting Away.” If you are a fan of stars such as Giveon, Khalid, and Daniel Caesar, you will be a fan of Gio Genesis’s soulful melodies and his story. His sound is very much inspired by them. Fresh Scoops describe his music as “a nostalgic sound with a conscientious take on the future.” Once you hear his voice, it’s evident that Gio’s melodic structure and unique lyricism make him a force to be reckoned with.

A potent and infectious new single, “Wasting away” was inspired by his current state of thought. Like the rest of us, Gio used his daily juggles of managing love, work, and music to turn them into something beautiful in his new song. Gio feels as though he is wasting time away from being fully invested in all of it. At the same time, he knows that he is capable of anything because of divine protection.

“Wasting Away” contains breezy, emotive guitars that drift in a dream-like fashion and create a detailed yet minimalistic backdrop for Gio’s elegant vocals. He delivers a series of sharply-crafted, focused melodies that complement the instrumentation cohesively. The track is beautifully evocative in sound and captures Gio’s character-rich songwriting and performance style.

Gio will be consistently releasing highly relatable music for the rest of the year, and can be sure that all of them will take his fans through a world of emotions and motivation. The future is looking very bright for Gio Genesis.

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