C. Lo Records , the assassin. The silent, but deadly producer and beat master of TRO Gang hails from Bronx, NY.  C. Lo can be found on stage manning the laptop and the turntables. With his seamless knack for keeping the show blazing forward with non stop beats and intense segways, C. Lo has cemented himself as the back bone of TRO Gang. With beat styles ranging from hip hop, R&B and rap to old school rap, funk and pop there is no shortage of material for Dulla  to spit over.  

Limitless: How do you define your sound ?

Well to get right to the point my sound is unique and unpredictable. When I make music it comes from my gut feeling, my ears to keep me sharp on my unique sound and style and my emotional well being at the time. That’s why my name C.lo Records like the game cee lo you never know the probability on how I’m rolling that day to make music. 

Limitless: How long have you been producing? 

 In reality I’ve been making music for 20 years as a hobby. Realistically 7 years taking it serious. With that many years doing it I have developed my own sound that you can’t find right now. 

Limitless: What’s one of your favorite songs you’ve produced ? And why is it your favorite?

My favorite song I’ve produce is the first track me and my brother DULLA created. We named it People you know. I’ve made that instrumental because at the time no one wanted to record on my instrumentals. I meet DULLA and bam the instrumental no one likes he jumps right on it and makes a banger.

Hook goes “Taking people shine now they want me to go, I see the hate in they eyes they don’t want me to blow. Ima keep doing this just like I know. Be careful around them people you know” “you know”

Limitless: What are you and your artist currently working on?

Right now me and my artist are working on a different approach with all the material we have on hand. We in the process of dropping 5 singles a Ep and a Ep with just instrumentals. 

Limitless: What are your goals for 2023

To be honest our goals are to continue to be blessed with more life to keep attack and chasing our dreams. To continue to have the love for the music to keep creating  and never giving up.  And my favorite diddy line “Aint nobody’s hero but i want to be heard on your hot97 everyday thats my word”

Thanks for joining us !

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