Micheal Watkins, Better known as Jersey Mic is an on the rise recording artist from New Jersey. Music has been in his life since he was a young boy. His passion sparked when a family friend of his allowed him to record at his studio, from then on music was much more than a hobby. Although Jersey Mic was actively recording content throughout 2007 and years after he was not comfortable with releasing content until 2011. In 2011 he catapulted his career with his first record which was a song he did over Mac Miller’s “Best Day Ever” instrumental. As time progressed so did his talent. In 2019 his first official record was released titled “Loyalty”. Now it was game time. This record was available on all platforms and the marketing and push of his brand began. In 2021 he released his first ever studio album titled “ Faith in Fate”. 

Now he is staying consistent with his releases and is continuing to grow as a developed artist. Growing up he was quite inspired by one of the games greatest emcees, Nas.

Although he is an inspiration Jersey Mic has a sound completely like no other. His sound is refreshing, vibrant and infectious. He brings substance to his records and speaks on things that matter such as life lessons, situations and affirmations. When Jersey Mic goes into his creative state he prefers to listen to the instrumental for a fews days and really hone in on 

the emotional state and vibe the beat brings. This helps him to create a vibe and naturally allows him to hear the cadence and melody he wishes to perform on the track. July 23rd he released his latest track called “I Do it For Hip-Hop”. Not only did he create a record, but also a visual to compliment the record for his fans to enjoy. September 19th he plans to release an EP, but you will have to stay tuned and keep up with Jersey Mic for more information on that release. In the meantime check out his video below ! 

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