Emin Yilmaz, 21, known as Benyilem, was born on September 25, 2000. He was born in The Hague, Netherlands and lives in Belgium. The musical language of Benyilem, of Turkish origin, is Turkish. Benyilem (Emin Yilmaz) attracted great attention on social media with his posts and publications about his private luxury vehicles. 
Recently, Benyilem, who has been actively interacting with her followers on Instagram, is among the most popular phenomena. What are his hobbies? Benyilem, who is among the most popular names on Instagram, likes to do sports and travel as much as she enjoys making music. Benyilem, supported by many celebrities, started to make his own music in 2022 and managed to break records. Many companies started to support Benyilem.

Personal History

Since Benyilem was young, Benyilem had a passion for music and luxury life . He has three brothers and two sisters. He did start by making some beats and mastering to make his own music, but now he has 5 singles. 
In 2018, Benyilem joined the family business run by his brother while attending the University Hasselt of Accountancy. The family business is a business with passion for food. He thrived in the family business, easily being promoted from accountant to customer relationship manager. 
After graduating in accountancy, he decided it was time to start his own business by combining his obsession with music. In 2021, he started making his singles. He was stuck for a full year in Dubai, so he took advantage of this year by making good connections for his music and career By 2021’s end, Benyilem got back to Belgium. 
He was only 22 and had a luxury life This gave him a big following on social media platforms that keeps on increasing daily. He launched his music and brand, Benyilem, on January 25, 2022.




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