Sweet 16 track full-length album self-titled “Velvet Vibes” release for singer-songwriter Icielani features guest appearances from such artists as Feliz, Rick Ross, Stevie Stone, Damien Cruise, Sire and Dj Pain. After the “Body Hugs” single teaser, her other 15 tracks describes her emotional experiences from the past two years coming out of the pandemic and protests that have taken place. Velvety smooth vocals, sharing the same feelings as her audience while coming together as one love singing straight from the heart. This album is definitely a good vibe feel, urban sounds of Tropical Reggaeton, Pop style R&B/Hip Hop with a Dance top 40 feel. Multi-spoken languages in English, Spanish and French. Released on June 1st, 2020 following an official music video from the song “Pearl” and promotional music video “Video Girl” shared on her instagram and facebook page. Taking her time for the full release, while celebrating the completion of the album recording on a yacht on her birthday filming the music video for song “Yacht Memories”. On the looks of her social media there is a line up music videos releasing from the album that is in prevision and eagerly anticipating. Listen to the album now available on Apple music.

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