Hip-hop talent has soared in recent years. Since the advent of the internet, viral artists have become accustomed to releasing mixtapes and singles on social media to cultivate legions of fans all over the world. Moreover, these mainstream platforms have given rise to independent artists who have made their mark solely based on their talent. The clever use of these popular platforms by Mike Vallejo provides a fresh perspective on hip-hop.

Mike Vallejo has demonstrated remarkable entrepreneurial skills that have propelled him to even greater heights in the music industry. As one of the modern hip-hop artists who rose to fame through innovative digital marketing strategies, Mike has established a strong reputation through his knowledge and expertise in the field of social media. 

In his view, independent artists such as himself don’t need to spend a lot of money just to get heard on major streaming platforms. As social media has made music more accessible for everyone, independent artists can use this to let their voices be heard without having to sign with a label.

While Mike Vallejo lacks the support of big-budget record labels, he has become a positive force. Companies that manage and label music. Over the course of his career, Mike has faced countless obstacles as an entrepreneur. 

When developing a personal brand, Mike believes taking control of distribution, marketing, and engagement is crucial, which is why he wants to impart this knowledge to future generations. It is also important for talented artists to possess an entrepreneurial mindset, regardless of their age. 

I developed and tested engagement strategies for platforms like Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music on my own. There were some cases where the models used by certain labels were outdated. A key component of an artist’s overall marketing strategy nowadays is integrating cryptocurrency, NFTs,” Mike explained.

NFTs have the potential to create awareness for songs, advocacies, and initiatives related to an artist’s overall brand, according to Mike Vallejo. In the near future, Mike predicts that music executives and massive labels will realize just how crucial it is to leverage NFTs.

Fans can promote, leverage, and reuse music by using NFTs instead of other checkout methods. This methodical approach allows artists to raise upfront liquidity that was previously loaned out by record labels, incentivizing them to work harder and earn more. “Now, the industry is decentralized, giving authority back to the artist, which eventually will even the playing field.”

Visionary musician and entrepreneur Mike Vallejo constantly challenges the boundaries of the industry. In his ever-evolving artistry, he promises his fans that there will be new experiences soon.

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