Super group DuPont Brass returns to the music scene with a hot, new single titled “Summer Vibes“. Hailing from the Nation’s Capital Washington, D.C. the group formulated at Howard University while in college and set their sites on becoming a household name. With an original sound, immense talent, and relentless hard work, DuPont Brass is influencing the masses one release at a time. I caught up with the super group for candid conversation centered around their new single, and plans for the future. Check it out below.

DuPont Brass Interview

Who is DuPont Brass & what are the instruments that each member plays in the group? 

DuPont Brass is a brass driven super group based out of the DMV, consisting of different artists, musicians, and producers. Almost everyone in DuPont Brass does multiple things for the group. Deacon Izzy raps, sings, arranges, and produces. MK Zulu raps, sings, and plays the trumpet/flugelhorn, and arranges. Cousin Chris plays the trumpet, produces, and engineers for the group while Fuzzy the Plug plays trombone. Ant plays trumpet, produces, and does the majority of the arrangements. Jeauxsmeaux and Manny Fantom play keys and produce. TurnUpDeante plays guitar and produces. Stan plays drums and Bass Heavy Slim plays tuba, bass, and manages the group. We are all so well versed in music it makes working together fun.

How did you all get your start in the music business? 

We got our start busking on the streets of DC to raise money for tuition. After paying off our school bills, we decided to keep the group going since we established such a strong reputation.

How did attending Howard University impact you all’s decision to pursue music and embark on a career in the entertainment business as a premier band?

Howard was a huge influence. With so many icons that have come through Howard, it felt like we were picking up the torch. 

When do you catch your break in the music business? 

We have not caught a break in music yet. If anything, we have created all of our opportunities on our own. We just did our first east coast tour and did so all by ourselves. 

What was the inspiration behind the single “Summer Vibes”? 

“Summer Vibes” was inspired by all of those feel good songs we love to play during the summer like “Summertime” by Will Smith, “Feels Like Summer” by Childish Gambino, and “Summer” by Innanet James. 

Can we expect a music video to this single? 

Not at the moment, but we do want “Summer Vibes” to be an eternal song that people play during the summer. That being said, you might see one eventually. 

Who is the band most influenced by? 

We are influenced by The Roots, Brasstracks, EWF, The Isley Brothers, The Free Nationals, and Adam Blackstone & BBE, to name a few. 

What is DuPont Brass’s overall goal?

Our goal is to work as a band that tours all over spreading good vibes through our music, while performing as a band that backs up other artists for big shows. Another goal of ours is to  teach others how to thrive in the music world.  

Where do you see the group in five years?

In five years, I see us continuing to do what we do now except on a much bigger scale. We’ve toured, released music, taught masterclasses, done residencies, and more. Now it’s time to take it to the next level. 

How can readers stay in contact with you guys?

The best way to stay in contact with us is through our social media @dupontbrass on all platforms and our website .

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