For the past 10 months CasinoATX has been building up steam and pressure, traveling across the country rocking crowds and killing stages while on his Partyville campaign trail, building up to the release of his newest solo album “The Street Nerd”.

With 15 stellar tracks, Casino brings you into his world, and pulls back the curtain of growing up black and nerdy in the hoods of Austin TX. From his opening track Overlooked, which breaks down the frustrations of a well read intelligent black boy on the block. Party tracks which show you the wilder, drunken and debaucherous side of growing up in the capital city of Texas. Freaky tales of being a nasty minded geeky sapiosexual. Then finally a run of songs that truly encapsulates what life is like with two feet in the streets, while possessing a mind built for academia.

With a unique voice and perspective of his own, CasinoATX effortlessly weaves his stories together, into one entertaining, hilarious, and thought provoking ride. Check out “The Street Nerd” today, available now on all streaming services.

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