Singing as an art form should not be denigrated. If it ever does, issues such as gender equality, racism, and poverty might continue to characterize our livelihoods. But what if all artists were practical with their performance? Well, DJ Bizi Brown is sure that the world would be a different place if this was achieved. He realise that the challenges we see in our communities are exist because leaders neglect them- the same applies to creatives who simply want to entertain but not influence their listeners with positive vibes. Things can be different and DJ Bizi Brown knows this is possible. DJ Bizi Brown globally known as “ The International Party Rocker” based in Cologne – Germany. A self-described multicultural addict, DJ BIZI BROWN’s mastery of several languages, including English (American), French, German, Spanish, and Patois (Jamaican) is phenomenal.

This multilingual gift and ability is one he does not take for granted, as he uses this to connect with everyone, producers and entertainers, to his fans and audience alike –this remains a trait that greatly contributes to making him a popular and international talent. While in Nigeria/Africa DJ Bizi Brown will be promoting his BRAND NEW SINGLE, titled “I DO,” in which he features with South African artists, MARIECHAN & K.O. This collaboration was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, back in 2018 when DJ Bizi Brown was at the GLOBAL CITIZEN FESTIVAL: MADELA 100 – this is where he met his producer and colleague, 37Mph and got to connect as well with Mariechan & K.O.

DJ Bizi Brown is ready to visit for AFRICA & USA tour. DJ Bizi Brown and the Team are not only going to tour the stages, clubs and hotspots of Africa & USA but are also launching a branch of the European Music Label, PowerSonicMusic®, in Lagos & Los Angeles and the purpose is to help develop young and talented African and Global artists, and then introduce them, with their exceptional skills, to the rest of the world.

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