Papa Shango are a rock band from the UK, they have played many festivals and have toured the world. They have worked on a low level with Beyonce, Kanye West and James Blunt.

If you could turn the internet off tomorrow would you? Papa Shango would. Too many people staring at their phones and not experiencing real life. Unfortunately I imagine you’re reading this on your phone. Damn. This song is powerful take on human life. Two people out on a date, but is she interested? Is he? Or is the phone an object of their lust. There is a darker twist between the lines, Kathy and Heathcliff re-worked for the modern age. Except they aren’t on the barren, misty and windy moors, they are in a modern British pub. But the atmosphere remains the same. In the modern age of celebrity and love Islands. Can’t we be ourselves for who we are and what we look like? Check your phone…or don’t.

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