Almost everyone aspires to be exceptional. The importance of looking your best cannot be denied in this day and age of fashion, digital media, and constant content being pushed into people’s eyes. Whether it’s in the business community where people push forward that extra percentage when it comes to their wardrobes, attire, or hair, that extra percentage can be the difference between setting trends or being laughed at. When it comes to hair, Suzzie Monroe is a specialist. Her clients, whether Hollywood celebrities or high-end clients traveling to a key business meeting, will look their best with the Queen of Color.

A Suzzie, a globally recognized colorist and founder of Luxbae, is not only empowering herself, but is also empowering women everywhere to thrive in today’s world. Suzzie was born into an Armenian family as a first-generation immigrant. Her parents encouraged her to strive for what she wanted and raised her with love and admiration. Since an early age, Suzzie has been helping people improve their appearance and style. Based on her eye for style, she has built an empire.

A lifelong dream of Suzzie’s is Luxbae, a beauty salon. Having two main locations today – Glendale and West Hollywood – Luxbae has become a favorite place for ladies to get gorgeous hair makeovers and relax. As a colorist and beautician, Suzzie knows how important she is in this world. As a result of her success in the fashion and beauty industry, women are now viewed as more powerful. Additionally, she ensures strong women about to conquer the world receive the proper care and a ‘look’ as they wear their crowns.

She was always fascinated by beauty and fashion, even as a child. She became obsessed with it as she grew up. Success comes from obsession. While other girls her age studied and learned life skills, she studied fashion and beauty trends. Her heart was set on this. The United States was the perfect place for her to pursue her dream and turn her obsession into a career.

Suzzie joined Vidal Sassoon Academy to gain the necessary skills for success in the fashion industry. She discovered a hidden talent while studying at the academy. The ability to create shades with her eyes was one of Suzzie’s strongest traits. The talent she possessed was channeled into the hair color market after she refined her abilities. The work of Suzzie was praised and recognized as unbeatable. During New York Fashion Week, she became a member of prized hair styling teams thanks to her hard work, expertise, and excellence. A highly sought-after colorist in the fashion and film industries, Suzzie made her mark in both industries. She has gained fame because she does not have a catalog of color or toner formulas. Their beauty and uniqueness make them a sight to behold.

Women are capable of helping each other be their best selves, and Suzzie is a person who believes this wholeheartedly. Suzzie Monroe sets an example of what a ‘modern woman’ should be while providing a place where women can express themselves. As a woman, Suzzie Monroe makes it easier for her clients to improve their standing in the world, while looking camera-ready and inspiring them to take charge of their dreams, while rocking the best color in the business that is sure to turn heads.

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