Hello, Letoa. Greetings and welcome! I see you’re building a name for yourself in the music industry. How does it make you feel?

Letoa: Thank you, honestly, it feels surreal with having a hobby become a career and knowing this is something I can never get tired of doing. I feel really blessed to be where I am today.

Can you tell us more about your latest single, “So Fresh So Clean”?

Letoa:When making this song, I intended to show a different side of “Letoa” and express my versatility of rap while staying within my lane. I wanted to express myself in a bit of a new way in terms of how I present my music to listeners and viewers, through both the actual song and the video.

Is it better to do creative work in a studio setting or engage with a live audience? Which of these two choices piques your interest the most?

Letoa:Creatively I enjoy a studio setting, as I do feel like I make the best music when I’m alone, but after all my live performances that I’ve had, I equally love the adrenaline rush of performing and interacting with an audience. It’s hard to choose!

Do you ever have to cope with criticism and doubters because of the large impact of social media critics?

Letoa:The most criticism I’ve received has just been through people messaging me and hating for dumb reasons just to get in my head; but obviously I just ignore it.

Who would you choose if you could go on tour with any popular industry musician in the near future, and why?

Letoa:For me personally the choice I would make, would be to go on tour wit $not as our style is very similar and has been an inspiration for me since I ever started wanted to make music.

What more can we look forward to from your work in 2021?

Letoa:I will be releasing an album at the end of the year and everyone can expect more higher quality tracks and music videos with some exiting features. Of course I’m going to be dropping more tunes with my brother lilbubblegum, and linking up with 24KMedia and Jodo Valley for videos.

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