Sitting somewhere between classic 90’s girl group and cutting-edge R&B, Dba is a duo consisting of identical twin sisters from South East London. They mix effortless urban cool with a refined pop accessibility but do so in a subversive and understated way. This isn’t about following anyone else’s lead, this is about rewriting the rulebook, throwing much of it away and working with what is left. And what is left is a hypnotic, late-night groove, a sultry but sassy swagger, solid beats and an R&B vocal delivery which sounds like the ghosts of Soul’s golden age come back to party with this generation’s movers and shakers. If you are worried about where pop music goes next beyond the identikit cloning that the industry serves up, where R&B music heads now, to shake off the chart usurpers who claim to be re-inventing it for the good of all, then look no further than DBA.


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