Meet Jeremiah Savage more commonly known as DJ JSav. Born & raised in Nashville,TN Jsav started to DJ at the age of 16 & has been going ever since. Currently a sophomore class of 2025 at Tennessee State University majoring in Mass Communications & focusing in Entrepreneurship and Mass Marketing JSav is using his school resources to build his career vastly. We got to connect with JSav & ask him a few questions about his experience so far as an HBCU DJ.

How’s the experience of being a DJ at one of the littlest HBCU’s in the country?

“Being a DJ not only at an HBCU but The Illustrious Tennessee State Univeristy is and has been so far the highlight of my DJ career not only am I having fun, getting paid to do what I love, but I’m making so many connections with people of my color and it pushes me to be the best version of myself. The TSU experience so far has been great and it’s only just began.”

How do you balance being a DJ & a college student at the same time?

“It’s hard as hell going to sleep at 2 & having to be up for your 8am the next day, but I managed to push through it. Something that helped me stay focused was setting goals and not letting myself be lazy. When you get too comfortable you tend to slack off so I always made sure that I had something to do whether it was work due today, tomorrow or next week I was on it. 

So far what are 3 opportunities you’ve gotten from being a DJ at TSU?

  • “TSU SUBG has opened so many doors for me just meeting people and helping just expand in my business by providing me with all different sorts of events or even expo’s so that’s a one opportunity TSU has blessed me with
  • Another opportunity is just networking with new people by being the DJ at these campus events I’ve met so many people that have benefited me and my business
  • Another opportunity TSU has given me was the real and authentic HBCU experience. Regardless of what issues or problems happen TSU and the family loving staff always seem to find a resolution. Of course everyone knows sometimes the dorms weren’t ideal but thats part of learning how to survive with real life problems and I feel like TSU actually prepares you for 

Which do you think is more important in college, the network you make or the degree you graduate with?

“I would most definitely say the networking side of college, because in todays society it’s not so much about what you know it’s more about who you know. When it comes down to things I know if I had someone from my HBCU or another HBCU I would do just about anything to help them if they needed it’s just love.”


What are some other HBCU’s you would like to DJ in the future?

“Man on my list is NCAT, FAMU, Texas State University, Xavier, and to be honest it’s really all of them! I want to go to every single HBCU to DJ just to experience the different vibes, because every HBCU is different but we all have the same love for each other.”

If you’re interested in staying tapped in with “DJ Jsav” be sure to check out his social media linked below!

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