Rising artist Emmanuel Moore Jr. more known as TLP Star was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone West Africa. His first love for music came around after he came to America to escape the Civil War in his country. Him & his family were introduced to a pastor and his wife & quickly began singing in church around the age of 5 or 6. At the age of 14 years old TLP Star began writing. TLP is a very determined character willing to do whatever to see his dreams come true. A lot of his motivation comes from seeing his mother work so hard & wanting to make a change for her, although in some ways been his downfall too. TLP hopped off the porch very early to chase money. It brought a lot of problems for him especially judicially. TLP has been locked up many times as a juvenile, also missing his whole 10th grade year due to being locked up. As he grew older he started to realize that the streets could actually mess up all the plans he has lined up for the future. Quickly TLP began to sway from his activities and pay more attention to his music and goals. We got to connect with TLP & ask him a few questions about his come up & his new single “Masterpiece”!

Describe how your new single “Masterpiece” came about!

“The message that I was trying to express through masterpiece is that we are winners and have no intentions of losing. Anyone that feels the need to compete or is already competing they should understand that we will do every and anything to win. They should just go ahead and let us have it. It also has a prideful attitude about it where I feel like we are the best and right now it’s no change to that.”

When you were creating this song what was the immediate target audience you were going for? Explain why it would be the perfect audience!

“Anybody that has confidence in what they do and believe no one can do it better that’s the audience I was reaching for. People willing to go out and work hard and get what they want then being able to stand and fight for it if anyone tries to interfere. I was also reaching towards a younger male Audience as the song is a very active song and many females and older people might not be able to dig the wave.”

How far do you see this song going & why?

“I can see the song going far because it’s relatable. We all have opposition & we all think we are the best. This song has a lot of potential to blow up, it has the energy that we young people are looking to bounce and turn up too and then it is also very catchy which is always a plus.”

What are some things you have coming up in the near future?

“I have a lot of collaborations coming up with fellow TLP member. I plan to slowly introduce the members one by one. I have a couple promotions in play so I’m going to be traveling a lot.”

The future sounds bright for TLP Star! If you are interested in staying tapped in with him be sure to follow his music media & check out his music links all linked below!


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