Here at Limitless Magazine we had the amazing opportunity of interviewing Josh Mckoy. Josh is originally from North Carolina, but has relocated to Los Angeles. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2018 he has taken his music career very seriously. He has a love for the business and art within the industry.

Limitless Mag: Can you tell our readers about what really inspired you to write music?

Josh: What really inspires me to write music is having an outlet to be self-expressive. And possessing the power to create a world -or- vibe where people can escape themselves to be themselves. In short, to tell my truth and connect with others.

Limitless Mag: When did you realize you were going to make music professionally?

Josh: The day I realized music as a potential profession was when my parents purchased a beat machine and other music equipment for me and my siblings, but I would be the only one of us using it. That led to me creating my first EP through engineering software PreSonus STUDIO ONE. Then I started singing covers, after while my own music. People rocked with my music and singing voice; their approval encouraged me to do more music.

Limitless Mag: How do you describe your sound/style? 

Josh: I describe my sound/style as a singing Kendrick Lamar lol…I’m influenced by 90’s hip-hop and the Neo-soul era. Imagine if Stevie Wonder, Lauryn Hill, Anthony Hamilton and Outkast could make a baby—that’d be me.

Limitless Mag: What’s your process for dealing with performance anxiety? 

Josh: I can recall only one time I had performance anxiety; it was during performing “Let Me Love You” by Mario in front of my class. I was nervous. I remember tuning everything and everyone out to focus on delivering the song. I thought I did terribly, but turns out it was one of my best performances. I guess my process for dealing with anxiety aside from taking two shots of Henny lol…, is to create a world within where only you exist. Breathe. Find your vibe. Now share your experience

Thanks for joining us today ! It was a pleasure. We will be keeping up with you !

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