Lesure Love is an U.S. artist coming out of Grand Rapids, MI. by the way of the LA Lesure has had success in the past with his two EP’s “Selfieworld: To All The Girls I Loved Before” and “ Selfieworld: Earth Girls are Easy” both Mini Albums have a combined total of over 2 million digital streams on all digital platforms til this day… All tho Lesure has his own unique sound. He say its Rap meets R&B covered in Pop with a weird Alternative twist that he calls Astro Music.

It’s a mixture of rapping and singing blended into one he refers to it has snapping.. It sounds like a melodic rhythm over Hard hitting 808 beats where he delivers his Kid like Hyperpop voice. His music consists of catchy hooks and lyrics talking about everything from relationship problems, Drug Dealing and Romance.

Check out Selfieworld: “Lesure Love vs. The Girls of Social Media” now!


Website: https:/ www.lesureloveofficial.com

Bio: https://ffm.bio/lesurelove

IG: https://www.instagram.com/lesurel0ve/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lesureloveselfieworld/

Twitter: @LesureLove TikTok:iamlesurelove Snapchat:lesurelove

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