CHICAGO, IL. – “Do you need a break from your beliefs?” Morgan asks as she lures you into a post-modern, dazzling utopia; a universe forever altered by the “midas touch”. “MIDAS”, the debut album of Morgan Gold, is nothing short of a delicate and ethereal experience. Executively produced by her longtime partner, 730Skylar, the duo shines brighter than ever. Staying true to their cinematic and entrancing aura, “MIDAS” sets the stage for an album unlike any other.

The Chicago-based, LA-born singer has developed a catalog of over 40 releases since 2018. From the beginning, Morgan knew that she wanted her music to influence the masses on the largest scale possible. A daring dream, of course. But her determination and multi-genre network has led her to making a name for herself in the Chicago music scene. She has always had her sights set on the heavens. “What fascinates me the most about music and storytelling is the way it continuously showcases the need for beauty and belongingness within humanity. There’s a reason why the Bible is still the most popular book in the world. Its mixture of fantasy and morality is what keeps us looking for the magic in life and within ourselves. I think music, for me, is an example of the magic we’re capable of.” This fusion of larger than lifeness with genres of pop and R&B make for the beautiful experience of ethereal R&B. 

The title “MIDAS” is inspired by the Greek legend of King Midas, who famously was given the gift of turning everything he touched to gold. (Midas? Morgan Gold? Get it?) He would discover quickly that his gift was also a curse, unable to even eat or embrace his loved ones without them turning to gold as well. He ended up dying of starvation, surrounded by his riches. “Midas, to me, means a few things. I see Midas as my most powerful, fully-realized self. We all have a god complex, whether we want to admit it or not. Exploring how this affects our psyche is a subject I’m very passionate about. I’m also touched by the story of Midas because it teaches us that even the most powerful being needs more than riches to lead a fulfilling life. Leading with love and kindness should always be at the forefront of seeking greatness. I think this message is more important now than ever as we navigate through an overly-saturated, material world.” 

Recorded at Chicago’s 2Queen Studios,“MIDAS ” was produced and engineered by Morgan’s collaborator and fiancé, Jamie Sumner (730Skylar). The album’s leading single, “BACK UP”, scored Morgan’s first editorial playlist additions on DSP’s like Tidal, Audiomack and Amazon Music. The duo have released over twenty singles and two EP’s between 2020 and 2022. Jamie’s eccentric and atmospheric production make for the perfect wall of sound as Morgan’s sultry and feather-like vocals make you feel like you’re floating in outer space. “Our goal with any song we make is to give listeners an experience that’s unique to them. We’re using the euphoria of pop and the genuineness of R&B to channel those subtle, very powerful feelings that link all of mankind,” Morgan states. 

MIDAS” is Morgan’s first full-length project, which consists of 13 tracks. “Sometimes, artists like me who are still on-the-rise are advised to steer clear of albums. The thing is, through all of these EP’s and experimentations, I’ve been waiting for that specific “album” sound. Once we made “BACK UP”, we knew we had achieved that ‘larger than life’ sound we were looking for. Keeping the ethereal spirit alive and well in music is our goal, and we’re proud to represent that with the album.” “MIDAS” will be released on all platforms on July 8th, 2022. 

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Morgan Gold is a singer, songwriter, producer, vocal coach and show curator from Chicago, IL. A songwriter since the age of ten, Morgan has used her heavy performance background and her passion for storytelling to craft a sound that stands in a lane of its own. Since 2018, Morgan has created a unique and growing fanbase through her versatile catalogue. With already four EP’s and over 15 singles under her belt, Morgan has used her versatility to her advantage by working with a variety of artists and genres. Blending her R&B and pop influences over the years, she continues to create an atmosphere around her music that draws you into her world . Her signature falsetto and soft tones have trademarked her Whether she’s backed by a wall of production or just her acoustic guitar, Morgan proves to be a sheer force in her own lane.

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