Malik Pollux is an on the rise recording artist from New Jersey. His versatility within his music content makes his music attractive to all listeners. Malik has released a total of 3 projects thus far with no plans of slowing down. His career began in high school. He was friends with an individual who used to produce beats. Being around sounds and music became his passion shortly after. Music allows Malik to express who he is through a form of art.

2019 was the official year he took his craft seriously and began to pursue it as a profession. Currently as a new indie artist he has obtained over 100k streams for 2 of his singles combined. This was a huge milestone. He has also released new single “111” that is now available for streaming. Each day he accomplishes new goals within his profession. Malik is a role model, creator and trendsetter. Check out his catalog before he releases new content.

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