Dallas artist 3isthemagic announces the much anticipated official music video for ‘The Moon’ which was released on the Project: ‘Space Dreams’.

The vision for the new music video came from the lyrics of the song. “You either die by they plans or use it fuel… Fuel to the Moon, I’m on my way soon.”

The cinematic visuals take the rapper from the desert in search of a way out: where he next falls into the darkness and eventually finds himself landing on the moon: Just as cool as be.

Space Dreams Is Currently Available On All Streaming Services:

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Businesses interested in partnership or media opportunities can learn more on the website of 3isthemagic.com or email 3isthemagicmanagement@gmail.com

Contact info: 9723135976
Name: Robert Miller
Website: 3isthemagic.com
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Email Address: 3isthemagicmanagement@gmail.com

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