Growing up in the Lower Coast of Algiers. A town in the city of New Orleans. At the age of 7 my father inspired me to rap. One day we was in the kitchen and he was going hard.I’m young I ain’t know no better I thought he was talkin to himself until i actually caught on to his voice. He smiled and paused. “Naw  ima let my son kill it” as he pointed at me I just immediately started to rhyme from where he left off. Ever since that day I wanted to be a part of music from recording ,producing etc. Music and Being an artist is my passion. My single “mission ” is based of hard work dedication and the strive to survive no matter how hard things get you use it to motivate yourself to make things happen. When you hear it and Sing it I want it to inspire to live a million years and enjoy life. I’m the next few months be expecting visuals another single and features


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