Upcoming independent artist “TayWay” out of Nashville, TN is an artist you need to know about. Repping the Northside of Nashville ever since he dropped his first tape in January 2015 all the way up to this point he has always tried to make the music he likes to hear. Originally his favorite genre was never rap, so bridging the gap between what he likes & what he really has to say can sometimes slow his process down. Overall TayWay sticks out because of his unique flow, crazy beat selection & versatility. Through 5 projects, TayWay is still growing as an artist & still finding what he likes & what he doesn’t like. At the halfway point in the year TayWay is experimenting & pushing the line in whatever direction he needs to go. We got to connect with TayWay & ask him a few questions about his come up so far!

Describe the moment you knew music was going to be permeant for you?

“I recorded “Make A Decision” in early 2016 & really felt like it was going do something big for me. It was one of those songs that as an artist you really had thing for. I had been spitting some real sh*t straight from the heart, but this was the one I thought was going to really put me on the map. I didn’t achieve my initial desired result. It hurt me thinking people didn’t feel it the way I did, but it was also that same feeling that wouldn’t let me stop until they finally felt where I was coming from. I knew from then I wouldn’t quit this would be my job permanently.”

Explain how it is in the studio? How do you set the vibe to get started?

“The studio to me is like punching the clock, just get straight to the business. I’m not pulling up YouTube at the studio because I already have the beat ready to send. I definitely have to have something to smoke , I usually already have them pre-rolled of course it just depends on what I’m recording too. If I need high energy I’ll do those songs first then smoke when I’m slowing the vibe down. I’m more than likely going sit down versus standing up & I’m most likely by myself so I can really lock in & get to it.”

How is it coming up as an artist in Nashville, Tn? How easy is it to connect with other artists or producers?

“I’ve been rapping since 2015, so I’ve watched the music scene transform from all country music to a good balance of both. It’s still hard trying to work with certain individuals for a few different reasons. If your names not buzzing in the city then you’ll need something else to bring to the table outside of being good at what you do. If you’re a producer, it might be easier to connect with rather than an artist by giving him production even if you can’t pay him to hop on a beat. Even swap, no swindle right? But for an artist, networking with the right people may not be as simple without a bag. That’s usually how it’s going to happen, if they ain’t already reached out trying to work then it’ll cost. If the bag ain’t in your favor you have to prove yourself viable in different aspects to get that look you need.” 

If you were to talk to some upcoming artists who just started what are 3 pointers you would give them starting out?

“Firstly I would say, do not work with any & everybody. I know it’s going to be tempting as a new artist when somebody shows interest in what your doing. It wouldn’t hurt connecting with new people to get your name out there, but it’s so many small things you can miss on the front end trying to be too friendly not knowing the way to properly conduct business which can hurt you in the long run. I’ve had to learn certain stuff the hard way. Properly assess who you’re working with, & make sure your getting what you want out of the situation. Don’t ever do something you’re not comfortable with. Secondly, Di*k riding is not a form of transportation! You might be rocking with a group of cats in the city that you feel has some motion, but aligning yourself with them when y’all don’t share similar interests is only going to put you behind. If you are your own entity, collaboration is healthy, but getting in where you fit in/trying to ride a wave isn’t always a good look. Thirdly, STAY OFF SOCIAL MEDIA SO MUCH! Mind you, it’s apart of the game you have to implement for your career, but it’s too easy to compare yourself to the next rapper if you doing more watching than working. The numbers be fake & the books be cooked so while you might feel like dude really got it going on he’s really trying to keep up with somebody he feels like is ahead of him! Stay true to yourself & push the line you created.”

What would you say is the biggest accomplishment you’ve accomplished so far?

“Doing anything I write down & plan for is an accomplishment to me either big or small. I’d like to think I’ve done the little things right & they come together for something greater. Every step of any plan is an accomplishment, staying on course towards the main goal is the end result. If I did have to pinpoint one really big moment early in my career in 2016 I hit the road with my dawg “Wave” to Ohio to do a show up there. It was my first time really hitting the road as an adult, but it was also one of my first real performances & the sh*t went pretty well. 

What are some things you have coming up here in the near future?

“June 10th, I’ll dropping a collab EP with my boys “Austin Wise & Grasskingdoms” called “Super Bowl ‘99 celebrating the Titans sort of. We also had plenty of fun making it & putting everything together. The video for the lead single “Not Sorry” drops the same day as the EP so I’m extremely excited for that. Until then, I’m doing some features & sh*t that might come my way, 3 tapes on ice with some of Nashville’s hardest producers. I also plan to start recording for my next big project in August, it will definitely be my biggest one to date. Outside of a few features, maybe a single/video here & there, that solo TAYWAY coming early 2023 & I’m gonna flood them out!

If you’re interested in staying tapped in with “TayWay” please be sure to check out his social media/music links all linked below!


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