Towhid Jewell, goes by the stage name of “Towhid” who is a rising recording artist, singer, songwriter, producer, and performer. Flaunting endless energy, rapid flows, and massive harmonies, it’s safe to say he personifies all the traits of a global R&B star!

Towhid was born in Jamaica Queens NY, then at an early age they moved to Hendersonville North Carolina, where his stay was short and he is now living in Atlanta GA. At the tender age of 7 he taught himself how to play the piano, shortly after he began singing which came naturally.

With 7 being instrumental in Towhid’s life, it’s no coincidence the CEO and founder of 7 Kings Entertainment “King Noah” gravitated toward him after meeting only once, King Noah signed him to 7 Kings Entertainment. He says “Towhid is the best he’s seen or heard in a long time and he’s not a regional artist he’s a world renown artist”.

Towhid feels music is his sacred calling. He grew up in extreme poverty and he was the youngest of 17 children. He would often skip class to sneak into the music room to use instruments at school until his family could afford them. He was crafty, tenacious, and committed to music even during childhood.

Towhid gives you that passionate plush sound with vocals, he can be very versatile as he flows, raps, and he showcases a mix of R&B/HipHop, Soultrap, and Pop. His sky-scraping range reaches to the heavens on each hook.

His influences are Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Sisco, and Barney. He says “watching Barney growing up helped me with capturing people’s attention because of his remarkable melodies”.

His brand is fun, edgy, and has a global appeal that can’t be denied. Towhid is an up-and-coming star you’ll want to keep an eye on!


IG: @ilovetowhid
Label: @7Kingsent

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