Rising artist Da Kashmere just released a hot new single titled “Alert” (I’m Illy). His new release describes how the pandemic had us on lockdown for 2-3 years. Durring this time Da Kashmere had not done any music in a while so now he’s putting everyone on alert. This is a hard hitting club banger that has a bit of new and old school mixed. Something you can rock out in the club too or be riding fast too.

Da Kashmere, born Seraphim Benjamin, was raised in South Carolina even though his roots stems from New York. Born on April 6, in NY, his family had brought him to South Carolina and raised him in the Carolinas. Da Kashmere first love for music was realized as a young teen, as he would listen to oldies and other types of music. One day, he stumbled across hip hop from the likes of LL Cool J, Tribe Called Quest, Outkast and many other hip hop artists with their unique sounds thus causing his love for hip hop to grow.

After time of learning his love for hip hop, he started writing poems and eventually it led him to writing his own songs. In 2005, he released his first record “Put Em Up Knuck Buck”, which charted on Billboard and College Music Journal. Following the death of his late father after his first commercially released single, he had stopped doing music and was thinking on stopping indefinitely. After a couple of years passed and his close brother and CEO, Benni Banxx, continued pushing him, he had reemerged to push his music and have been since. He has released a few tracks in the past with new ones coming. With a clear plan and goal, Da Kashmere pushes to the masses with the goal to eventually become a notable name or household name in the entertainment industry

Check out “Alert” (I’m Illy) below and follow Da Kashmere on social media for his latest releases.


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