Dawn Lori has been very busy these days. The TikTok and YouTube star continues to rack up views and followers with her readings and knowledge in Tarot, Paranormal and Spirituality. 

Her Podcast on Patreon (dawnsearlylight) has launched new material in Spiritual protection and the knowledge and background of Spirituality and herbal magic. 

Dawn recently signed on with Clifford Croumbles of Hangerhouse Productions for the YouTube series “Secret Stories Of A Tarot Reader.” Which continues to bring in views and subscribers.

Episode four is due to record in the next few weeks. 

 But this talented young woman isn’t done by far. 

Dawn’s acting career has blossomed since collaborating with Corley White of Digital X Productions and casted in “One Mic” starring Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz. 

Dawn Lori has since been cast in several of Mr. Whites films set to be filmed this summer. 

But wait….

Modeling has always been her first love, as Dawn Lori has been a model of 20 years. 

Dawn recently submitted to the Maxim Modeling contest nationwide. 

“Everyone deserves a chance at something as wonderful as that, and I’ll be voting for all the friends I know submitted.” She says, with a smile. 

You can find her modeling portfolio on Kavyar and model mayhem and she has been on two cover magazines thus far, and several inside  submissions. 

Balancing her busy schedule she also owns her own business “Dawns Early Light” which she owns and operates her own private readings for clients.

“They are so very important to me.” She states

It’s safe to say Dawn Lori is only getting started. 



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