Fresh from a hiatus of about 2 years from the music scene, Zeal Static is back transformed and ready for action with his latest single release “Different Ways”, which comprises Drill and Trap elements. This track shows the articulate and poetic prowess of Zeal Static and conveys his ambitious come up and hustle.

As the rap and hip hop scene has tremendously changed and evolved from what the old heads would say old school, west coast and east coast flavor to the fast talk, hard lyrics, energetic sometimes boujee personification of todays artists. Static had to switch up his style and follow suit but still keeping the realness and street attitude which he has been influenced by individuals like the late great Tupac Shakur and emcees like Rakim The God MC or West Coast bosses like Ice Cube.

Born and raised in the islands of Fiji, currently hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Zeal Static is no stranger to poverty, hard life, a troublesome beginning and reformation from a once street led lifestyle which many of todays African, Indigenous, Latino and Pacific Islanders identify with.

A self made man today, who started from the bottom and still has many levels to surpass, Static is constantly finding new ways to express himself, either through social media, TikTok or in the studio being creative with music. This is definitely the year when he will be in the eyes of the world.

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