Upcoming artist “FastLife Jbo” has been on the rise for a few years now but is now stepping into his true sound. Born & raised in Louisville, Kentucky Jbo has always had a love & passion for music. Jbo first got the urge the start making music at the age of 12 when his aunt took him to the studio. His first album “Its A Hard Fastlife” is filled with crazy production, versatility & catchy bars. We got to connect with Jbo & ask him a few questions about his come up as an artist so far!

Describe the moment you knew music was going to be permanent for you?

“When I left school in 2019 & moved to Atlanta full time. I was going to the studio everyday working with “Cvrby” the best producer and engineer out of Atlanta!”

Explain how it is in the studio? How do you set the vibe to get started?

“The studio is always good vibes with me and Cvrby. Music is almost like my therapy, I go in there & do what I have to do to get in my zone like play different instrumentals until he first one that catches my attention. After we knock the first one out we might just keep going until we get tired.”

How is it coming up as an artist in Louisville, KY? How easy is it to connect with other artists or producers?

“It’s kind of different from being in Atlanta, because the music game is just now growing in Louisville & starting to get a name for itself as a city. There’s a lot of hate in the city so I stay to myself when it comes to making music but I do work with family and close friends on the music scene.”

If you were to talk to some upcoming artists who just started what are you top 3 pointers you would give them?

-Stay consistent 
-Keep pushing 
-Stack your money
-Be authentic (Find your own sound)

What would you say is your biggest accomplishment so far?

“Dropping my first project “It’s A Hard Fastlife”

What are some things you have coming up in the near future?

“I plan on doing like 3 more videos before the summer is up, and I also want to have another project out before the year is up.”

The future is looking bright for FastLife Jbo as he goes into this next chapter of his career. If you are interested in staying tapped in with Jbo be sure to follow his social media & check out his music links below!




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