The business needs space and time to grow as a business. Some brands when they start they already know their niche but sometimes you start building a brand, you know what product you want to sell or offer but you don’t have a clear picture or idea of it.

But people need to understand that this is normal. You don’t have to compare yourself to anyone, you just need to do your best, understand your vision and keep moving forward.

She created her business to be classy on the budget. Her idea of KHAISA was to be a sophisticated and unique brand  that female would wear it and automatically feel sexier and more beautiful.

KHAISA was designed to be an accessory to boost customers’ looks and appearance.

She needed something to keep her busy and at the same time make her productive. Out of the blue She came up with the idea of creating my own jewellery brand because at that time She thought would be something that She could easily afford.

Doing her degree She always felt incomplete as if something was missing but She ends up doing it because She didn’t want to leave it unfinished.

Starting your own brand is always a challenge whether budget, manufacturing, connections, packaging, building relationships, marketing and advertising .

Her business taught her a lot. But mainly having patience and faith and also being focused and determined on her goals.

She also learned that the business is always changing. Because people are different and keep changing what they want according to what is in fashion at that time. Your response and a fashion brand owner needs to act fast to satisfy your customers otherwise you can loose customers and reduce your sales because your products are not what people are looking for.

Allow yourself to evolve and your business is growing and progressing. Keep delivering good work, find an honest team or people to help you and learn how to differentiate positive criticism and hate from people that want to see you win.

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