MX Strong is a musician who wholeheartedly celebrates the outcasts, black sheep and freaks in solidarity. When you hear Green Day, Jack Harlow or Denzel Curry, you associate these artists with steering off the beaten path to create distinctive music. In a similar fashion, MX’s sound is fresh, stirring and unpredictable. What’s more, as a versatile singer-songwriter, MX also has written songs suitable for other artists like Benny Blanco, Travis Barker, Dave Grohl have.

When MX was asked why he doesn’t play it safe with his artistry, he replied “because that’s boring. A lot of what you hear now is safe music. There’s not much substance in the mainstream music scene and less chances are being taken artistically than I personally feel there should be. I believe moving the sonic needle should always be praised, even if it’s a flop.”

MX knows that his music will always push boundaries as no subject is too taboo to write about. That said, he occasionally is inspired by songs like “Rape Me” by Kurt Cobain or unique artists with something to say like David Bowie.

Writing music and lyrics since elementary school, MX was introduced to rock, punk and hip hop early on from his Father plus popular music from video games, movie soundtracks and social media. In 2017, his first hip hop single “Everybody DIES” brought in over 10K streams on Soundcloud. With that kick-off, his fanbase began to organically grow in the underground music scenes on Long Island, NYC, Rhode Island and surrounding areas.

In 2020 MX Strong wrote “MyAshes” and accompanied the song with a music video on YouTube, his first of 6, before his next release “B*tches In Da Waldorf.” This song became especially notable because it was featured on Flagrant 2, a Top 10 podcast led by unapologetic hosts and former comedians Akaash Singh and Andrew Schultz in 2021.

To capitalize on the favorable reception, MX Strong next followed up with his first studioproduced, pop punk tracks on “Lost BoyZ P1” which reached over 21K streams. The momentum grew when one month later, MX dropped the Yul Mazjilla produced “Mega Villain Park” which now sits at over 100K streams and perfectly showcases his expanding talents as a promising young musician.

In closing, MX Strong strives to be the representative voice of the next generation of disenchanted youth. His goal is not only to have his music heard, but to create a lasting legacy of making the uncomfortable comfortable…

For further informaon, please contact Frank Carrado @ 631.235.2572.


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