Eli Einhorn, better known as Eli Preme is a young mogul known as the sneaker king. Becoming an entrepreneur was essential. He wanted to be his own boss and control the narrative of his life. As an entrepreneur he enjoys working the hours he chooses to work instead of working someone else’s schedule. He makes the rules. Eli began with one pair of sneakers and turned them into hundreds creating a business solely around sneakers and reselling. He takes pride in competing with others who do the same as him. What makes Eli different ? He competes with pricing and offers his clientele the most handsome price possible. Also he ships very quickly even if the client is out of state, he will overnight their order. Social media has played a vital role in his success. Instagram is his main source of marketing and it has worked for him as his brand continues to thrive. He has even landed celebrity clientele that only helps aid in his marketing and what’s better than a celebrity marketing a brand by word of mouth?

Eli Preme is only beginning as he is just reaching his prime. His influencer culture is diverse, but mainly consists of athletes, musicians and shoe connoisseurs. When he first saw this as a successful venture, he was laughed at. Now it’s a different story. Eli Preme enjoys what he does and since it is his passion he works as he sees necessary..which could mean overtime. It is what makes him happy and growing is in the forefront of his vision. Wealth motivates him. Wealth is essentially  and Eli seeks to obtain it through doing what he loves. As he continues to grow you can expect to see his name next to some key fashion icons and businesses. In the meantime go check out his brand.

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