JOURNALIST : What motivated you to get into sports journalism?

I have been passionate about football since I was very young, and very quickly, my daily life was punctuated only by this sport. Between watching football matches, playing football, and debriefing matches with friends, football has taken an important place in my life. Naturally, I decided to combine business with pleasure and give myself the means to practice this profession.

JOURNALIST : What team are you currently supporting?

I am a supporter of Real Madrid, already very small, I was amazed in front of the attacking trio Zidane, Ronaldo, Raùl. I then had the chance to watch the BBC, another trio that made history.

JOURNALIST : It is often said that Ligue 1 “Uber eats” is below other major leagues, what do you think?

It is true that in terms of European performance, France is a notch below behind Spain, England, Germany and Italy, despite sometimes great epics in the Champions League and Europa League. But I think that in terms of intensity and level of play in the league 1 championship, France has nothing to envy to foreigners. In my opinion, the French midfield is stronger than that of Spain or Germany, I would even say that it is more difficult to go for a victory in Angers rather than in Elche, Burnley or Bochum.

JOURNALIST : What is your opinion on the latest edition of the France Football Golden Ball and its winner?

In all objectivity, I did not understand the ranking, and sometimes I wonder if voters watch even 10 games in the year. Benzema was not on the podium despite an extraordinary season, Messi ahead of Lewandowski, Edouard Mendy absent from the TOP30, so many decisions that I don’t understand.

As for his winner, Messi did not steal it because he still had a decent year, but he was eliminated in the 1/8 finals in the Champions League and finished 3rd in his championship. I think Lewandowski would have been more deserving.

JOURNALIST : Zidane or Guardiola?

These two coaches have marked the history of football and it is important to know that they respect each other enormously. Pep even said in a press conference that he really hoped to be able to have dinner with Zidane one day.

I think Guardiola through his philosophy of play, and his relationship with young players has inspired many more coaches around the world.

As for my opinion, if I were club president, I would favor Zidane because he achieved an unprecedented performance by winning 3 Champions Leagues, the most prestigious competition in the world in just 2 and a half years. Before talking about the tactical system, Zidane brings a grinta and anger to his players in order to establish the culture of winning. But to answer this question as objectively as possible, it would be wise to wait for Zidane to coach a club other than Real Madrid, which is his birthplace.

JOURNALIST : If you had the opportunity to change something in today’s football, what would it be?

Football has its charm with its pros and cons, so the only idea that comes to mind would be ‘extra-sporty’. Indeed, football is a sport based on pleasure and fair play so I will eliminate racism as well as fights between supporters.

JOURNALIST : What do you think of the football press in France?

We tend to often complain and criticize in France. But the truth is that the football press in France is doing well, there is a real economy around it. They are often described as “too mean”, yet I did not notice any surge of hatred on the side of all the media after the elimination of PSG in the Champions League or even after the elimination of the French team in Euro 2020. Aguero was recently seen insulting French journalists as “assholes” after criticism of Messi. But the truth is that most sports journalists do their job and simply report the news. Messi is undoubtedly the greatest player in history, he has only scored 3 goals after 33 league 1 days, the media have the right to draw conclusions on the situation.

JOURNALIST : In your opinion, should Kyllian Mbappé stay in France at Paris Saint Germain?

It all depends on which side you are on, for PSG, and the French championship, of course it would be excellent news for a player of this caliber to stay.

JOURNALIST : To conclude, in the future what could we wish for you?

Success, whether personal or professional, as well as health.

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