Har.Picasso is an on the rise artist from Philadelphia, PA. It was time spent alone where he discovered his talent and love for music and art. Living in Philly with harsh conditions just fueled him to be the best he could be and overcome the situation. Creating gave him a meaning in life and a purpose. Music allowed him to express his deepest thoughts on a beat. The mic was where he could vent and create all at once. As an introvert talking is hard alone, the mic provided comfort. Suffering from anxieties he was never going to release his music. He kept a lot of his work to himself.

He no longer wanted to feed into being a prisoner of his thoughts like most do. He hopes to inspire others so that they embrace who they are. Currently Har.Picasso is working on an EP titled “Blue Period” set to drop this May. The project is a pure reflection of him as he rips pages from his brain on all the records. Stay tuned for this project and new ones set to drop in the future.

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