Stephen Thomas is a recording artist from West Virginia. Coming up from such a small area definitely had its drawbacks as far as resources when it came to his passion. Yet, he has still been able to see a lot of success already within the industry. Stephen is a five-time Grammy Award considered singer, songwriter, producer and is an IMDb budding actor, and assistant director. His career is only just beginning. He has already ripped the stage with veteran artists such as Ja-Rule, Ashanti, Plies, Young Bleu, Mooski and many others.

More recently he has released a smash hit single titled “Outstanding” featuring DJ Unk. The song is a vibe. It brings remnants from The Gap Band’s hit song “Outstanding”, but adds a 2022 twist to it. Feel good music is essential at this point in our lives,” shares, Stephen as he introduces another side of his eclectic coin. Stephen says “I believe in my music because I purposely create songs that touch the souls of listeners– my music helps listeners make it another day… by being relatable and authentic“. He is a true mastermind when it comes to his craft. Be sure to tune into his catalog and stream his latest single.


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