Sebastian Daley, Better known as JCAP$ET is an on the rise recording artist from Bronx, New York. JCAP$ET has been intrigued with music since a very young age. His father introduced him to the industry at the age of 14. His father was a professional when it came to Film and Music Production. He has been able to work with some of the game’s most reputable figures such as LL Cool J, Teyana Taylor, Sebastian Mikael, Murray Mook, Mavodo, Ice-T, Fredro Starr, Jermel Howard and more. Working with his father has helped shape him into the amazing artist and business savvy man he is today. It was ultimately his mother, Jennifer who pushed him to do music. She used to be a singer herself. JCAP$ET was surrounded by the industry and went all in on his career. JCAP$ET’s very first video on YouTube was a recording made by his sister A’aleeyah of him singing “Should’ve Kissed You” by Chris Brown in 2016.

Since then he has uploaded many other projects .He has also begun to implement social media into his marketing, utilizing platforms such as Triller and Instagram to promote. His goal is to establish generational wealth, stay true to himself and remain an entrepreneur. Being his own boss is important to him and he thinks others should tap into becoming their own bosses as well. He states “You just gotta step into it, get out the box and put your mind into it if you really want it”.It was April 30th of 2022 that he released his first ever EP titled “Takeover”. Which is now on all platforms. His music is infectious. Each day he conquers set goals and seeks to develop constantly while inspiring his audience. Make sure you check out his catalog.

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