Emerging artists are taking the music scene by storm. Music has come full circle into the past few years with the door of originality, fresh concepts of gaining fans among pleasing their original followers. Many artists are afraid to evolve keeping the same sound and lyrical outlook from singles to album, leaving the door wide open for new artist that are hungry with fresh eyes like iamyungp.

iamyungp is an upcoming artist from Maryland. Music has always been his passion and he’s good at it.The emerging artist also have a clothing line called Stonavillellc which he has been managing for about 7 years now & it is going pretty well.

On April 27th iamyungp will be dropping his new album called “Still Workin 3 The Series” his singles from the new album are called “Trump” prod by Therelesmooth and “Got It” featuring Antwaine both singles are out on all streaming platform.

iamyungp has been doing music for about 8 years now he definitely enjoy doing music and working with other artists/producers. His mom has always been his inspiration, she’s definitely his biggest fan & that’s where he drives his motivation to work so hard just to give her a better life.

Iamyungp focuses on delivering to his fans high energy music through inspiring lyrics. Iamyungp intends for his music to uplift others and to help anyone going through a tough time. Having gone through many trials and tribulations of his own, Iamyungp knows what it’s like to struggle. Throughout his music, he drops major wisdom for his fans to pick up on and learn from. The quality that separates him is his ability to create a vivid picture in the mind of the listener.

When listening to his music you are guaranteed to feel infused with energy. iamyungp’s surgical production techniques and forward-thinking sound design allow him to leave a lasting impact on each and every listener. His powerful fusion of beautiful melodies, euphoric pitched-up vocals, and heavy, earth-shattering drops allows him to harness a style that is both unique and undeniably his own. iamyungp is a true force to be reckoned with, and with his growth continuing to skyrocket, all eyes are on him.

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