Jasmine Ortiz is definitely an artist to have on your radar!  With her ever-growing fan-base, Jasmine’s latest single “Never Going Home” is the perfect anthem to describe the feeling when you never want the fun to end.  Joining forces with Latin Grammy Nominated Producer Sak Noel, both Jasmine and Sak Noel have infused the best of pop music with up-tempo beats motivating you to get up and dance!

This new hit single was just released on 4/1/22 and has already received over 2 Million views on YouTube, was added to Apple’s Best New Music by Shazam, was added to the Top 10 on TIDAL’s Future Sounds List, and just landed on MTV’s Spankin’ New Music List.  Sak Noel is no stranger to making top-charting hits and has worked with some of the best artists in the music industry which include Sean Paul, Lil John, Pitbull, Madonna, and Maroon 5 just to name a few. Sak Noel’s collaborations include the current hit single “I Feel Good” by Pitbull featuring Anthony Watts & DJWS that peaked at Number 7 on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electric Songs. With just under 2 weeks since the release of this single, Sak Noel has definitely put his magical touch on this song as streams and YouTube views continue to rise.

The music video for this single is electric and mesmerizing as it brings you into the Matrix.  Using “Music as her medication”, Jasmine deflects anything getting in her way of having a good time!  Jasmine was inspired to use the Matrix theme in her music video as the Matrix trilogy has been one of her favorite film franchises since she was young.  For Jasmine, it was important to re-create several iconic scenes from the Matrix as Jasmine pays tribute to the character ‘Trinity’ as she represents the epitome of female empowerment, strength, and resilience.

With a total of over 14 Million combined views across her music videos, what is most impressive about Jasmine is that she was originally born without a voice. Spending over one month in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Mount Sinai Hospital, Jasmine underwent a life-saving surgery as she was born with an Esophageal Trachea Fistula, a condition that left the top portion of her esophagus disconnected while the bottom portion of her esophagus was connected to her windpipe. Jasmine’s vocal cords and lungs were very fragile after surgery that even when Jasmine cried, nothing was audible for almost a year.

Motivated to overcome this physical limitation, Jasmine began her own journey of trying to “find her voice”.  Although Jasmine was not old enough to express herself with speaking, she took it upon herself at the age of two to hop onto a baby grand piano and tap out a simple melody inside a restaurant while her parents were eating. Determined to “find her voice”, Jasmine began piano classes at age three which fueled her passion for music and enhancing her vocal capabilities. Fast forward onto today, Jasmine is fluent in English, Spanish and Chinese and has impressively released music in all three languages.  In addition, Jasmine uses “her voice” by playing the guitar, drums, saxophone, and viola. 

On top of her music career, this Spring Jasmine will be graduating from The University of Miami with majors in Musicianship, Artistry Development and Entrepreneurship with a minor in Political Science, WOW!

If you are looking for the feel-good song of 2022, you definitely need to check out “Never Going Home” by Jasmine Ortiz and make sure you follow this Pop Star that is destined for greatness!


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