LI, NY Artist Benji Dinero to drop new single titled “Hatin Shit” produced by Californias own “DJ Flippp” and also featuring Benji’s friend and BBM (Big Bag Mafia) artist “Omerta Mullah”. The high energy tempo felt from when the beat first comes on this track is something special and definitely something to be heard. The song consists of Benji Dinero on the hook and 1st verse with Omerta mullah on the second verse. When these two team up it is always something special and to top it off, wildly known producer DJ Flippp is the producer for the track. The way Benji flows on the track is like those words and flow were meant to be on the beat the moment it was made, everything goes well together from Benjis famous “You know thaaat” adlib you can hear in the backround to the cadence and the way Benji rides the beat is something truly unique and special. The way Omerta Mullah comes in with the metaphors matching the energy of the song so perfect and completely bodying his verse made this track a must drop for their next single. Benji Dinero & Omerta Mullah have a lot of unreleased music coming and Omerta is also getting set to drop his first single so far he’s just been on features and hasn’t officially dropped his single but it is coming and he is something to hear along with Benji Dinero these two make hits together. The “Hatin Shit” music video was recorded in Long Island City, you can see most of the BBM (Big Bag Mafia) vibing out getting lit in the background matching the energy of the song and supporting to the fullest. Everything is about having a good team and when BBM (Big Bag Mafia) comes through you know they are going to be with the same faces sticking true to their roots. you can catch the music video on Benji Dinero’s YouTube channel and on all direct streaming platforms soon. Be on the look out for “Benji Dinero Featuring Omerta Mullah – Hatin Shit”.

What is your name and what city do you rep?

I go by the name of Benji Dinero coming from Long Island NY 631. Long Island I feel gets slept on a lot but people fail to realize some of the greats from hip hop are from my city like rakim and biz markie to name a few. Long island is definitely home to a lot of talent and I’m here to put some light on Long Island.

Tell us about your latest releases, what inspired you to create them?

I have been locked in the studio working nonstop on new sounds some of my latest releases are “Friday nights” and soon to drop “Hatin Shit” produced by DJ flippp. You can expect to see a few more singles dropping like like one I have with r&b Artist “T-Rell” titled “Swerve out” and another I have coming titled “way that I bop” then I plan on releasing my EP titled “Benji Season” so a lot of new music coming soon.

What is unique about you and your music?

What is unique about Benji Dinero is my ability to think outside the box and consistently challenge myself in the studio and get out of my comfort zone. I strive to be versatile and cook up the best product while in the studio, that along with my hard work ethic of networking and doing shows and meeting artists to collaborate with. This overall package I feel makes me unique I’m working on perfecting my craft everyday I live for music and I am always working to improve.

What shaped your music?

What shaped my music is everything I been through and seen in life. I seen a lot from a young age and what we thought was normal wasn’t normal to others. My music comes from struggle, pain, hunger I’m trying to be a first generation success and be the provider for my whole family to make sure no one ever has to struggle again including myself that’s my motivation and what shapes my music.

When did you realize you were going to make music professionally?

It’s something I always wanted to do since I was younger music was always an escape route I think everyone can relate to that. I started professionally recording around 2017 and 2018 is when I officially dropped, I always said I’m going to take this as far as I can take it and swore I would never give up and chase my dreams and today I am still here going strong chasing my dream.

What type of music do you listen to?

I listen to hip/hop rap, reggae I’ll listen to pop I don’t limit myself I love music and I got a ear for it I love everything in music down from recording to production and to mixing and mastering I love the whole process of seeing a song be made it’s something I’ll never get sick of I truly love it.

What inspires you to write music?

Everything I go through on the daily can inspire me to write music, the main thing is staying motivated and always writing so that’s what I like to do whenever I find myself with free time I always resort to writing it’s good to get stuff off your chest and that’s where the best music comes from . And also past situations to you can always reflect on if your thinking about it in the moment you can put it in the music.

What do you do when you don’t do music (creative or otherwise) and that you are passionate about?

When I don’t do music I’m hustling, always networking no matter where I am trying to promote myself some how. The way I look at it is we only got so much time it’s what you do in a day that could be the steps to changing your life. We all wake up with the same 24 hours it’s what we do with that time determines us, we all can control our own destiny it’s just how bad you want it and this is something I want so any chance I get to promote myself I will.

Happiness to you is…

Happiness to me is seeing all of my people and I in a good position, everyone eating everyone has money in there pocket off of something we love. To make a living off music is a dream come true to do what you love is the best thing you could do in life. So happiness for me is to see all of my guys (BigBagMafia) doing well with music providing for everyone’s families and passing the knowledge and game on.

What do you wish you were told when you first started making music that you think would help artists just starting out?

This is not a get rich quick scheme be prepared to invest in yourself, Marketing is everything you have to spend money to make money. If your not ready to put money into this, have Late nights, getting told no a million times, getting told your crazy then this is not the game for you. This Business is hard and cruel you have to be all in and stay true to yourself and really believe in yourself,
there is no such thing as a overnight success it takes hard work and dedication just like any other Business. You are selling yourself move in a professional matter and be prepared for people to take advantage. The music industry is not a get rich quick scheme that’s what separates the real Artists from the ones thinking this is a easy thing this is one of the hardest things you’ll do im still here grinding my way up. But this is what I love and I will keep grinding and investing in myself

Tell us about your upcoming projects…

My up & coming project I’m working on it my debut EP titled “Benji Season” this tape is a body of work that means a lot to me being my first body of work. The title comes from it being my time, time to let people know I’m really here and not playing games. The way I am perfecting my craft you will hear it in this tape, the production and quality has increased. The project will be 5 songs with mostly benji and will have 1 or two features. I am very exited to share my first EP with you guys later this year. Be on the look out for “Benji Dinero – Benji Season”

Where do we find your music / music projects?

You can find me on all streaming platforms under the name of “Benji Dinero”. I have a music video for my single titled “Friday nights” out now on my YouTube channel “Benji Dinero” and the audio is on all streaming platforms along with some of my other singles like “what can I say” “Houdini” and “road runner” be on the look out for my new music video “Hatin shit” produced by dj flippp dropping this month.

Any last words for the readers?

I appreciate anyone who joins thing long road in the music industry with me. Benji Dinero is for sure here to stay and I can guarantee you that. You can follow me on instagram at @_officialbenji_ and Facebook – “Benji Dinero” you can view all of my content and pages from the links below i thank you for your time and I hope you guys enjoy the music I have coming.

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