A closer look around us will help us notice how different industries over the years have achieved astounding levels of success. Komal Singh Bhullar was born on 20 December 1996 to a Sikh Family of Amritsar Province in state of India.

People often wonder what could have helped them achieve such growth levels. These youngsters show what it really takes to become one’s best version and how they can go ahead in creating waves in their respective industries.

Komal songs are distributed on all the Streaming Platform’s like Spotify, Apple music and many more.

He began his interest in music at the age of 21 along with his fellow local artists. Komal Singh Bhullar also runs his Trucking Bussiness in Canada and company named K Bhullar Transport.

We came across one such highly passionate and driven music professional named Komal Singh Bhullar, who exudes every quality of becoming the best in the industry as a music producer. His visions and passion towards music are so raw and real that they can actually create a positive dent in the industry, which is much needed for it to grow further.

Komal Singh Bhullar has always believed in hardworking and positive thinking. He is presently a verified Spotify,Shazam and JioSaavn artist with Blue badge. He also has a good fan base on social media – Instagram and Facebook. He his a well known personality among Young Artists in punjab

Komal produced over 7 songs till now which are available for streaming on all digital music stores worldwide. He began his interest in music at the age of 21 along with his fellow local artists. Komal also runs his Transport named K Bhullar Transport which has a good name in Toronto,Canada and Wine Group In India which has a good name in Punjab.

May he achieve and reach his destination towards music producer.

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