Harjaspreet Singh is one in all the rising artists. Additionally to being a flourishing music producer, his wonderful music video and his amazing set of songs makes him a preferred face in his circle and fans.

This musician is currently working on new music for Spotify, Apple Music, Sound Cloud and other streaming services. What started off as a simple passion of making music in one’s home has turned into a Spotify hit. He’d created music that affected people’s hearts and pulled them together.
As an artist, Harjaspreet Singh want to be versatile and I’m looking forward to try new genres that I haven’t tried till now! Through my music I want to touch a sense of liveliness, sensational and a nexus of cultural, historical, literature, environmental and economic aspects of life as well. I want to use my lyrics as a powerful tool to express my feelings and vision through my songs. Through a variety of media, I try to engage the visual culture of technologies as a core vocabulary displacing them into artistic context.

His songs have already grow to be very famous on diverse social media and track platforms. Meanwhile, he has acquired validated artist base and pages on diverse track platforms.

His musical skills span genres with amazing ease, from rock to trap to lo-fi music, although he’s dabbled in practically every genre. This young artist is here to stay, thanks to his ability to deliver success after hit in many genres. Harjaspreet Singh, a master of his art, goes into the creative process of music production, and his music has been added to over 50 Spotify playlists since his debut. It’s on over 20 playlists all over the world. He’s making strides toward being a better person.

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