"Ayam JC 24 on the line"

Independent Buffalo, New York artist AYAM JC is putting on for his city in a major way. With his first major release of the year titled “24 On The Line”, this single dives into his deep lyricism and storytelling abilities as an emcee. As he boasts an emotive writing style, mixed with clever analogies bar after bar, it is clear that he has a musical gift that deserves to be heard by the world. As there are not a lot of rappers who exude originality and authenticity, JC is heavily influenced by rap legends Gucci Mane, Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z  and Ab-Soul, who all have their own distinct sounds and fanbases. He plans on one day joining the ranks of his favorites while leaving a lasting impact on the music industry. 

 On “24 On The Line” you will hear the New York rapper flowing about setting goals, being productive and hustling at all costs. Produced by Demario “Screammaker” Perry, the drum-filled high intensity beat is a perfect match for JC’s grungy, boisterous vocals. Some lyrics that stand out the most on this release include Cam’ron , I really mean it, how high gold grill dollar sign, I really need it,  cash flow damn I really bleed it, need a first aid kit irresponsible and leaking,  band aid patching up all my demons”. These lyrics convey his appreciation for the New York rap scene, making references to Dipset and New York rap legend Cam’ron.

His music provides solace for those in Buffalo, New York as he was recognized as a featured artist by the University at Buffalo Arts Collaboratory department and received the Viewers Choice Award at the Local Legends Award Show in Buffalo, NY. Ayam JC is on the way to the top. Press play below to stream his new “24 On The Line” single.

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