Shahram Kabiri is the writer of the two top rated books “Sometimes I miss myself” and “Thousand roses” that motivated a huge number of individuals. Kabiri is an impressive author and is additionally known for his heartfelt poems that are distributed commonly in various magazines and books. Numerous singers take some motivation from his poems and are performed by artists like Siavash Shams and Babak Jahanbakhsh on various events. 

Kabiri is an author and businessman  yet he shares a distinctive place for art in his life. He is hypnotized by its excellence and without a doubt an artist himself. Kabiri is honored with a deep voice and in 2021 at last delivered his introduction song called “Mute Heart”, his tune “Cap Vele Cap” was likewise launched around the same time. His different songs “The Master World”, “Other World”, “Other World Vol2” and “The Dubaian” were delivered in the year 2022 till date. Every one of the songs of Kabiri were consecutive hits and individuals are flowing on them just right. He is a great and renowned musical artist.  

Behind this excellent art stands a fruitful business person and a real estate investor and consultant. He is the CEO and Personal Advisor of M1 Holdings. Kabiri is likewise the originator of a land and occasionally the board organization named “Tact Real” and ” Tact Events” . He was likewise the CMO – Chief Marketing Officer of Kabiri Group LLC. He had put millions in crypto and there was likewise talk circumventing that Kabiri was before long going to send off his own digital currency, which just Kabiri can affirm. 

Kabiri is an all rounder in all things and is likewise all around read,he finished his Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business, Trade, and Tax Law. Then, at that point, in 2017, Kabiri sought an MBA with specialization in Development Economics and International Development. He has a ton of information that he utilises essentially everyday throughout everyday life. 

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