Rising Atlanta signee Sevant is making sure he gives his fans the best music of his career. Returning to the music scene with his first major release of the year titled “Heartbroken”, Sevant has created an anthem for anyone experiencing real heartbreak. Heavily influenced by the thriving ATL trap sound and deep Hip Hop culture, he is showing off his diversity as a songwriter, lyricist and storyteller. This single is unique in the sense that you do not hear many heartbreak songs performed in an uptempo manner, over a trap inspired beat produced by Mike Will’s producer Lifted. As he is generally known for creating melodic rap tracks, he shows the world that when it comes to creating music, he can do it all.

Sevant is giving everyone a tte of what is to come as he is currently working on putting out a full body of work sometime later this year. To enhance his already thriving sound, he decided to add to the record fellow rising artists Stickgonbang & 47.Rico, who compliments the Dare Record signee like Future does Drake. You will him flowing about be done with love, as grinding is the most important thing on Sevant’s mind. Some lyrics you will hear rapping are “I put that love shit behind me and got to some grinding, now my heart feel a lil better”. Even though he is a lover, he is showing that any time he needs to switch his flow up, he has layers of creativity that will keep any music enthusiast entertained and tapped in.

With a hot, new single, Sevant is on his way to becoming a sustainable recording artist in the music business. Click here to stream his new “Heartbroken” single featuring Stickgonbang & 47.Rico, and follow him on IG @sevantpillard.

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