King Uche has been heard worldwide as a top tier talent from Africa. His music has gained him attention from all over. His latest release “Games” has been labeled a fan favorite. The song has a brilliant vibe and a hype style that causes anyone to want to move and definitely download the record. Recently he took his talents to Los Angeles, California to create the visual masterpiece for the track. The video was done very professional and has since been released for all audiences to enjoy.

King Uche is a creator who compares himself to the likes of the late Nipsey Hussle. He believes completely in what Nipsey Hussle stood by and embodied as not only an artist, but a businessman. King Uche is his own artist and hopes to shed some of the same remnants of the vision Nipsey once had. King Uches sound embodies and represents everyday struggles we all face such as poverty, greed, heartbreak, love and more. His music is relatable and will soon be heard and loved by all. Check out his latest video for his new release “Games” below.

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