“Down Crazy” by Gigi Vega topped at #3 on iTunes and #19 on Billboard. This song she released last July is still causing a stir in the music biz. The top R&B songs list would be incomplete without the mention of Gigi Vega and her latest single, “Down Crazy.” “Down Crazy,” Gigi’s tacky R&B summer pop song, has been gaining popularity for months now due to its club sound and summertime vibe. It has a catchy beat and simple chorus of “Down, down crazy, Down down, go crazy” and “I go, I go, I go, I go” that listeners will find themselves humming and serenading along to while enjoying pool parties. The song’s quirky beats, synth elements, and Gigi’s incredible voice have made the song an instant club hit. She wrote and performed “Down Crazy” in response to her ex-lover’s desire to reinvigorate their romance. Blaq N Mild production created this catchy sing-along song. Then, Roland Tabor’s choreography and Gigi’s charisma added an element to the song. The lyrics depict Gigi playing with her clingy ex-boyfriend Josh, acting as if he has a chance, only to push him into the water at the end. This song indeed has the potential to be a popular club remix or a chart-topping single for a long time.

Gigi Vega is an accomplished artist who has risen to fame in music settings with her stunning rich, sultry voice. She began writing music at the age of 12 and grew up in Boston’s Berklee College of Music studios. Because her father is a jazz singer, Gigi has a strong foundation in music theory. Her songs have been charted on TOP 40, Hot AC, R&B, and AC radio stations across the country, and she is a regular on iHeartRadio stations across the country. Gigi Vega made her debut in 2020 with the holiday song “Mistletoe Kiss.” And now “Down Crazy” is continuously causing a stir in the industry. Most enticing is “Down Crazy’s” video, which has received more than five million views to date.

“Down Crazy” is available across all major platforms, including Spotify and YouTube. Follow Gigi Vega on her Instagram for more information on her upcoming projects.

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