1924 music group based in Baltimore, Maryland is a premiere independent label creating change in the music industry. Founded by William (Ivory) Hawthorne & Jonathan Hawthorne the two brothers are creating a safe haven for music creatives looking to make their dreams a reality in a mainstream manner. Standing on the core basis of signing artists who have real talent, loyalty, and determination 1924 is laying the foundation for the next big music stars.

Not focusing on one genre, 1924’s goal is to be a full service company that provides opportunity for all genre of artists as well as any opportunity in entertainment business overall. Having already signed high quality artists Yung Inkky, Qui Qui Martin (former lead singer from the group Iysis) Tio Taylor, GG C Mals, TPT Moody, Danger Aurora, Doll E Taylor, Chris Michael, Official Arri, Lotto Supreme
Co Management for- Kiya Alexius, their diverse roster continues to grow in an upward and steadfast motion.

What makes 1924 Music Group standout among other independent labels is the fact that they are a small company who has the capability of providing the mainstream machine to artists the way major labels do such as RCA, Interscope, and Def Jam Records. This allows talent to maintain creative freedom while getting the backing from a trustworthy, resourceful team daily. While also educating creatives in areas of entertainment and business, 1924 prides itself on stirring artists in the right direction and making sure they are well prepared and informed in social media training, media training and artist development.

1924 Music Group is Baltimore’s hidden gem ready to take over the mainstream music scene. Learn more information about this rising label by visiting their official website below.


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