Jessica Dymonds, Better known as JDymonds is an on the rise recording artist from New Jersey. She is a go-getter who values staying true to herself. Recently she has released a new single titled ” YAK featuring Swerv(Produced by Shadoo One). This is the single from her debut album. This song was created as a street anthem type of record. She states “How the streets has no feeling, but it strengthens our crown.” The universe seemed to work in her odds with this single.

JDymonds and Swerv had happened to be at the right place and at the right time and ended up articulating this collaboration. JDymond is a trendsetter who has a purely original sound. Her music speaks volumes as it brings depth with conscious emotion and raw messages. This coming year is all about staying in a space of gratitude and expanding her brand. Her spiritualism and aura keep her grounded. Her time is now and she is seizing each day. Soon she will be releasing visuals that go hand in hand with the art she is creating. In the meantime check out her latest release “YAK” out now !

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