SK The K.I.D owner of Base Level Music is an on the rise entrepreneur/recording artist from a neighborhood formally known as School Street in Fairfax, VA. Growing up in Northern Virginia was a normal experience. As a child he saw a lot of drug use that later fueled the love of music making for him. Music is a way he could express himself and tell his story through an artistic form. At a young age SK The K.I.D would study the breakdown of lyrics, flows and rhyme patterns from various rap pioneers. In middle school is when he actually started to write his own music and perform in freestyle cyphers. This helped him to hone in on his own sound and style. Straight out of high school he joined a label/crew who called themselves Black Box Entertainment. This group helped him to gain a little bit of attention until he finally branched out on his own.

His first debut mixtape was titled “State Of Emergency” Hosted by Dj Rob and Target Squad in 2008. The DMV area has helped him to establish himself as a brand. He has even opened up for stars in the area such as Beanie Sigel and Cassidy. In 2021 he released his first single titled “Coolin”. This release helped him to draw in more listeners. In 2022 the goal is to keep being consistent and deliver more content.

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